My favourite Pagan Etsy finds

I want to share some of my favourite handmade Pagan items I’ve found available on Etsy. All photos are credited to the respective stores and links are clickable so you can have a browse at all these lovely items too.

I’m going to start with candles. has some really nice spell/themed candles for all your witchy needs. These candles are all soy based and are so pretty too.


This store has some really unique crystal jewellery and Tree of Life themed pendants. I particularly love this Halloween themed one with the skeleton.


If you’re looking for some decorative Pentagrams this is your shop These are so great, they make great sun catchers, altar Pentagrams or wall decor.

3 What’s not to love about this shop? It  has so many fun ideas for your witch home and some lovely gift ideas too.


This is a shop for the Hedgewitch. Lots of natural wood bits, tools and runes.


Corn Dollies and a huge variety of different wheat weavings available in this shop. This witch is my favourite.


There’s some nice spell boxes and herb kits in this shop. They also sell charms, resins, runes and jewellery.


There are some amazing Green Man plaques in this shop, definitely something for your garden as well as your home.


This shop has ritual and spells oils, as well as miniature besoms and various other bits and pieces.


There are many finds on Etsy and all with their own individual twist or something for everyone approach. I’ve only referenced a minute variety of what can be found. However, last but not least this is a shop that delves into a whole treasure chest of findings. They  have just about everything you could possibly want.


Blessed Be )O(




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One Response to My favourite Pagan Etsy finds

  1. angelscrafts says:

    awww thankyou for featuring one of my pentagram Sun catchers. I have a collection of 10 made and ready with another 3 underway. They are far more poular than I ever imagined 😇

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