Pagan Origins of Spring Equinox

Ostara or Spring Equinox takes place on 20th March and assigns the beginning of Spring time. The Spring Equinox marks the balance of day and night, or in essence this is when the the Earth’s equator passes by the center of the sun making equal amount of light in both hemispheres. From now on the balance is tipped and the days will grow longer, the light will become stronger and the sun brighter until it reaches its peak at Summer Solstice.


Spring Equinox is most associated with the Christian festival of Easter, but Easter evolved from the Pagan festival of Ostara or the celebration of Spring Equinox.


Traditions of Ostara 

Eggs, rabbits and chicks. 

The symbols most connected with this time of year are eggs, rabbits and chicks. These are all symbols of fertility, growth, new life and new beginnings.

One of the traditions is to paint eggs. If you’re vegan like me then any kind of egg symbol will do – paper, cardboard, foam… Once you are done display these around your house, at your altar, in your garden or add them to wreaths or garland.

Planting season.

Spring is about new crops and the preparation for planting new crops, flowers and herbs. So get out and tidy your garden up, sweep up, throw out any broken pots, rake your soil, change your compost and get planting those seeds.

Fertility rituals. 

Spring marks the time of new beginnings, the growth of new crops and new life being born in the form of animals and Spring is the perfect time for rituals of fertility and abundance for the upcoming year.

Figure out beforehand what flowers and herbs you want in your garden this year, mark out the best time of year to plant them and prepare well in advance.

One of the most common rituals at this time of year is the blessing of the seeds before you plant them, this is done by placing last year’s seeds or a packet of store bought into a cauldron and performing the ritual.

Meditation, focus and personal goals are best worked on at this time of the year. Set those intents, write down your goals and work out the best way to achieve them.


Spring cleaning. 

New beginnings; out with the old and in with the new. Clean out what is no longer serving you, this applies to your home too. Don’t use it anymore? Donate it or give it away. If you want to make way for new flowers to grow, you first have to remove the dead ones. Metaphysically speaking, this works the same way for anything, your mind and your home.

Smudge your home and cleanse the air to welcome in new beginnings. Also placing fresh flowers around your home will welcome in the bright, clean air. This is also a great time to place flowers and herbs around your altar.


Remember there is not right or wrong way to celebrate, just do what you feel is best for you. Most importantly remember every day is a new beginning and a new chance at life and to change what is no longer serving you.

Blessed Be )O(






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