Fairy Steps

The Fairy steps are located at a limestone cliff at the edge of a hillside woods in Beetham, Cumbria.

A short walk through the village to a field opposite a graveyard is where the trail for the Fairy steps begins. Once through the field to the edge of the woods is where the ascent to the top starts.


Upon the trail you will find a ruined house, inside you can still see where the fireplace sat and even the outline of the garden where a stone wall still stands.

I live for these kinds of ruins. You only have to let your imagination think about someone living here hundreds of years ago in seclusion, on the hillside where no doubt they lived off the land.

Seen as this is a “Corpse trail” known for Fairies, perhaps this could have been a witch’s house?


The back garden that is encompassed within a wall still has a very old and ruined chicken coop in it.


Once to the top you will see the cliff edge, with a very steep and narrow passageway going down the rock. This is the “Fairy steps”.


The Fairy steps is essentially an old coffin trail. This is where they used to take the recently deceased in the coffins from neighbouring villages (Where there were no burial grounds) to the village of Beetham. Hence the churchyard being opposite to where the trail begins.

There are still metal rings seen in this cliff face from where they used them to help pull the coffins up. How they managed to get coffins up this minute passageway is a complete mystery though.


Legend has it if you can climb down the passageway without touching the sides the fairies will grant you a wish. There is also another myth about Fairies making homes here from when they escaped from the witch’s cauldrons.

As you can see someone has indulged into keeping the Fairy myth alive by sprinkling glitter all along the passageway.


Blessed Be )O(


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