Pagan Origins of Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice takes place on June 21st and it marks the first day of summer. It is also known as Midsummer as this is when the sun reaches its peak, resulting in the warmest and longest day of sunlight of the year. After this day the sun loses its strength and slowly begins to descent back from the height of the sky as the days begin to slowly shorten once again.

Also known as Litha to some, Summer Solstice will find people gathering around the most famous place of Stonehenge to watch the sunrise and sunset.

Traditions of Summer Solstice.


The Solstice is about the celebration of light defeating darkness, and about honouring the longest day of the year.

Get those bonfires roaring, get those barbecues on or light a candle – anything with fire will do.

Ash remains from the fire can be used in protective talismans and this the best time of year to create or renew your talismans with the strength of the sun.

Get outdoors. 

Watch the sunrise, watch the sunset, use the longest and warmest day of the year to your advantage by planning an outdoor trip. A day at the beach, go swimming, a walk in the forest, flower picking or some light gardening. Whatever it is just enjoy this time.

Handfasting season.

Since Beltane we entered into the popular time of the year to get married. The strength and warmth of the sun is a symbol of love and fertility, this is of advantage as it can bless the marriage with prosperity, love and fertility.


Decorate your altars or homes with flowers and sun symbols, lavender is common and oak leaves are often used to represent the Sun God. Gather your family and have a feast or find solitude in meditation, give thanks and use the abundance of herbs and flowers of this time of the year to your advantage.


How ever you choose to celebrate, remember to stop and smell the flowers. Each day is a gift and every moment should be embraced with fresh eyes and an open heart.

Blessed Be )O(




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