Pagan Origins of Lammas

Lammas or Lughnasadh is another cross-quarterly festival that takes place on the 1st August and is the festival between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox.

Summer Solstice has passed, the high of the sun has peaked and is now heading back downwards. The Sun God has ensured a bountiful crop and now is the time to celebrate the first harvest of the year.

The golden fields of crops are ready to be harvested and Lammas is the first of the three harvest festivals; grain is harvested at Lammas, fruit is collected at Autumn Equinox and finally the nuts and berries are gathered at Samhain.


Lammas is all about abundance and giving thanks for the harvest. This Celtic sabbat celebrates the Goddess as the Grain Mother and the Sun God who sacrifices his life so that the harvest can be cut and gathered.

Traditions of Lammas 

Baking bread 

There is no better way than to celebrate the harvest festival by using the gathered wheat to bake bread with.


Corn Dollies

Once the grain has been harvested the last few strands of the corn husks and wheat are used to make Corn Dollies. This is honouring the God by giving the corn spirit a vessel to live in once the grain is gone from the fields. The Corn Dolly would be left in the home until Imbolc, where the first seeds of the year are sewn and the corn spirit can once again return to the field to bless the upcoming harvest.

Gathering seeds

Anything from fruit to flowers and herb seeds are gathered around this time of the year. These seeds represent the future harvest and is a celebration of prosperity and abundance. It’s also a nice idea to store these seeds in a little pouch around a Corn Dolly in order to give thanks.

For Lammas you can decorate your altars or sacred spaces with sunflowers, Corn Dollies, wheat or bread offerings and besoms. Brooms and their natural representation of sweeping are not only a gesture of cleansing but also one of gathering. Sweeping in order to collect is a symbol of abundance and also makes a nice little decoration.

Lammas Wheat Sheaf Decoration. £20
You can find Lammas decorations and miniature besoms here.

Blessed Be )O(








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