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A Witchy Birthday 2017

The small village of Newchurch in Pendle, which is a the foot of Pendle Hill and is home to the witches. 


My Samhain 2017

I find Samhain to be the most important teaching Sabbat of the year. You can learn about life, death and all the mysteries in between here. 

Howick Park Haunted House 2016

If you’re a massive horror fan like me and like a good scare around Halloween time, then you’re going to love this haunted house.

My Samhain 2016

Leaving out a lantern on the gate to guide wondering spirits home.

Pagan Origins of Samhain

Samhain (pronounced Sowen) or Halloween is one of the four cross-quarterly festivals in the Wheel of the Year (Pagan calendar).  It takes place on the 31st October (but can last until 2nd November) and marks the last of three harvest festivals, the other two being Lammas and Mabon. This day is also known as All Hallow’s Eve, The Feast of the Dead or the Witch’s New Year. 

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