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My Samhain 2019

My Samhain was a peaceful one this year but it almost didn’t feel like Halloween at all. As we usually do, the porch got decorated. We decorated the back garden too. Our Mabon scarecrow got a new pumpkin head. Samhain wouldn’t be complete without…

My Samhain 2018

As darkness began to descend it was time to get cosy in the back garden and light all the pumpkins.

My Mabon 2018

For me there’s always something nostalgic about straw, pumpkins, candlelight and fire.

My Samhain 2017

I find Samhain to be the most important teaching Sabbat of the year. You can learn about life, death and all the mysteries in between here. 

My Samhain 2016

Leaving out a lantern on the gate to guide wondering spirits home.

My Mabon 2016

My favourite time of the year has arrived again!

Mabon or Autumn Equinox, the brief time where the hours of light and dark match up equally in balance with one another before the onset of the darker half of the year taking over. Darker days, longer nights, low-lying sunsets with a magical cool breeze, the harvest is gone and the trees are shedding beautiful crisp leaves as though they are crying for the death of the Sun God.

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